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SSI TXR Advance Decompression Procedures



TXR Advanced Decompression Procedures – Many exciting and intriguing dives require more information and training about how depth and time can affect the body. The TXR Advanced Decompression Procedures Program will help to mentally prepare you for all types of diving experiences so that all you have to focus on is having a great time! You will be qualified to dive to 50m with two gas switches up to oxygen for accelerated decompression with an unlimited amount of decompression obligation. The TXR Advanced Decompression Procedures Program is designed as a ‘Deep Air’ program for location where Trimix is not available or practical.

  • 1x 3 Hour Classroom
  • 1x 2 Hour Pool Session
  • 4x Open Water Dives
  • 50m Qualification
  • Unlimited Decompression
  • 2 Stage Cylinders


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