Today three of the Dive Newquay team are substantially further north, visiting Warysbury Dive Centre. James Swain and James Taylor have temporarily exchanged the north coast of Cornwall for a series of quarries and the chance to complete their Advanced Decompression and Normoxic Trimix course and instructorship. Adam Wood (Technical Director for SSI) is leading the course and putting the James’ through their paces underwater, with complex series of technical skills circuits and surprising them with potential issues with both buddy and personal kit.

With Norman (the Dive Newquay van) packed full of enough Bare, Fourth Element and Scubapro gear to start a small shop, three set off from Newquay to Staines and the overnight halt. A short 10 minuets down the road brought us to Wraysbury for 8:30am. Kit assembled and donning Bare Drysuits I accompany the duo down to the entrance of the lake and watch as the course begins.

Adam has James and James verbally running through all their kit and gas mixes before the decent, stages are attached and they descend. Upon ascent all appear smiling and laughing about the various situations that Adam generated for them. Anything from stolen masks, and free-flowing stages, shutdown drills and gas switches, the James’ seemed to cope with it all very well with only a few pointers coming from Adam in the debrief. The basic thing that everyone needs to remember in these potential panic situations is to stop breathe and think before acting, this way you have better control.

Two consecutive dives followed this pattern with drills being constantly played through. However, dive two onwards presented a chance to recap old skills as Martin Sigston joined them in the water, for the completion dives of his SSI XR Instructor! Congratulations from all the Dive Newquay team! Overall the day has been a massive success, with lots of new skills learnt and old ones refreshed. Tonight we journey to Chepstow ready for NDAC and the last two days of training.

Dive Safe,

– Becky.


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