Having had a night to adjust to the slightly chiller climates of the north, myself James, James and Adam headed for NDAC, the National Diving and Activity Centre. As quarries go, NDAC is definitely at the top of my list for a great day out, when the sun is shining the view from the car park is b-e-a-u-tiful and the waters today looked especially enticing. NDAC although primary a Dive Center, provides so many more activities for it’s visitors to participate in. There are Segways, The Wire (one of the UK’s tallest zip wires), Jet Boots (powered by a Jet Ski that propel the wearer vertically out of the water) and various seasonal, promotional activities. Accompanying all these activities is the onsite café, which does an impressive range of food and drinks at a very reasonable rate.

For divers NDAC is a great quarry to explore, with staggered platforms at a variety of different depths and various purpose-sunk attractions, enable any diver to explore and or train. For James and James, NDAC is an excellent single location equipped for all their diving needs. The variety of depths allowed for the shallow water training today at 12 meters as well as having the deeper depths of 60 meters plus, for the same skills circuit tomorrow and their the final qualifying Normoxic dives.

7:30am Adam begins a kit reconfiguration workshop with James and James. Stripping their entire technical kit bare, Adam shows them an efficient, streamlined method to reassemble the technical rig and stage cylinders. 2 hours and 15 minuets of a technical skills circuit followed. At a depth of 12 meters I accompanied the boys into the water for this shallow water training and witnessed the complete gear up of diving demands that the TXR course requires. The main issues seemed to arise from a lack of familiarity with the personal kit adjustments made in the reconfiguration workshop. However upon surfacing the James’ and Adam all seem happy with the progression made, and unanimously agree that once familiarity with kit is gained, the skills will automatically become easier and more comfortable to perform. Adam Wood believes our Dive Newquay duo has “taken to the new configuration really well and their skills are where they need to be at this section of the program, I am looking forward to tomorrow”.

Personally I thoroughly enjoyed my day at NDAC and am eager to return tomorrow for another day of exciting but demanding diving. JT surmises the journey so far “excitement, is the main emotion, after the steep learning curve of these first two day, I am looking forward to tomorrow and putting everything into practice”.

The day concludes with TXR academics and discussions of gas planning, oxygen toxicity, silent bubbles and M-Values as well as tomorrows dive planning. I can only sit, listen and learn as all three men’s discussion of this incredibly complex style of diving just roles off their tongues.

Dive Safe,


– Becky.


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