Fourth Element x DNQY

We are absolutely over the moon to announce our HUGE partnership with Fourth Element!

Dive Newquay is now the UK's first ever, Fourth Element partnered Dive Centre Show Room!

Here at Dive Newquay, we are absolutely blessed to be backed by such an OceanPositive diving brand. Not only is Fourth Element a major brand within the industry, Fourth Element are local to Cornwall!

Not only are they helping to protect seas across the world, but they also but the exact same love and passion into protecting our local dive sites.

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Ocean Positive

"Being ‘OceanPositive’ stems from not just what we do in the ocean but also what we do in our everyday lives. From the garments we produce to the packaging they are in and the projects that we support along the way, everything we do leads to ensuring a more sustainable business that is good for the ocean."

What is an OceanPositive product?

OceanPositive is a term which encompasses multiple criteria relating to improving the health of our oceans. For products to meet OceanPositive status they must be at least one of the following:

  • Made from at least 30% recycled materials (but in most cases are much more, such as swimwear)
  • Comes from a certified sustainable source (such as Yulex natural rubber suit)
  • Is a tool to help reduce plastic pollution (such as reusable Gulper bottles)

OceanPositive Projects

Fourth Element are heavily involved in marine based projects and charities, from Global Ghost Gear Initiative to Shark & Marine Conservation and everything in between.

Using their platform, Fourth Element are ever expanding their reach, by raising awareness to divers and non divers alike with the goal of seeing our seas protected.

OceanPositive Projects
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