We are proud to sponsor and represent Ghost Fishing UK. Many of our dive team here at DNQY are qualified GFUK divers and regularly help out on projects around the South West and the rest of the UK.

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Ghost Fishing UK was set up around 2015 by dedicated divers to try to remove this lost equipment from the marine environment. It is a challenging and difficult task. Ghost gear is typically entangled in reefs and wrecks, and its removal can be complicated.

Ghost Fishing divers survey the site first and collect data on the ghost gear and any animals trapped, alive and dead. Data is collected via our ghost gear reporting system and the mandatory activity form, which all projects must complete. This data is critical to provide evidence of the ghost gear problem and adds weight to the mission to reduce it.

The removal technique involves divers attaching bags to the gear, which the diver fills with air, making them float. The divers then cut the gear free as close to the seabed as possible. Great care is needed to ensure that the diver does not become entangled with the equipment. This involves a high degree of teamwork, coordination and discipline.

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