Waterhaul x Dive NQY

We are absolutely over the moon to announce we are collaborating alongside Waterhaul!

Here at DNQY we are all about #SaveOurSeas and when we can team up with local, Cornish entrepreneurs who are breaking ground by recycling ghost nets from our local beaches, we couldn't say no!

Not only are their products completely eco friendly, they're super stylish too! We love ours so much that Waterhaul went above and beyond and designed our very own Dive Newquay cases, just for you!

Explore Waterhaul

    Abandoned fishing gear and nets are the most common and also the most lethal forms of plastic in our ocean.

    In a phenomenon known as ‘ghost fishing’, the entangled and trapped marine life will attract more species, resulting in an ongoing loop of catches . As these discarded nets are produced from plastic, they will not degrade, persisting in the ocean to catch and kill marine life indefinitely.


    Waterhaul developed a mechanical recycling solution to process various forms of end-of-life fishing gear, and produced their first pair of sunglasses in 2018.  

    The properties which make ghost gear such a threat in our oceans; the size and abundance of net, the quality of the high-strength polymers used, and the urgency to remove the plastic from harms way, all make fishing nets a desirable recycling resource. And as we suspected, fishing nets durable enough to last 500 years in ocean make for super-strong sunglasses frames.  


    Waterhaul utilise the strongest form of plastic in our oceans to produce exceptionally sustainable, recycled eyewear. Eyewear that meets the technical demands of adventure, ocean-exposure and UV protection, but also act as ‘symbols of change’ for our oceans.

    Waterhaul sunglasses frames last you a lifetime, because they are made from nets that would last decades in the ocean.