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ANALOX || ATA Pro Trimix Analyser

ANALOX || ATA Pro Trimix Analyser

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The Analox ATA Pro Trimix Analyser will simply analyse your gas mixture in the field so you can accurately plan your dive profile and decompression tables. With one of the highest levels of accuracy the ATA Pro will analyse your Oxygen, Helium and balance gas readings to 0.1%.

O2 And He Analysis will quickly and easily check your gas mixture for EANx and Trimix. Quick and easy Oxygen and Helium calibration and analysis with very simple and intuitive controls.

Intuitive Controls are so simple to get to grips with only two buttons and two calibration knobs; one button turns the unit on and off and when held activetes the backlight, the O2 knob calibrates the Oxygen sensor and the He knob calibrates the Helium sensor.

Hard Case protects the internal electronics and sensors that are user changeable.


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