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ANALOX || ATA Pro Trimix Analyser Case

ANALOX || ATA Pro Trimix Analyser Case

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The Analox Pelicase for ATA Trimix Analyser is an official Peli™ hard case for your ATA Analyser or any other sensitive equipment. Peli are world-renowned for tough and reliable cases. Peli Cases are airtight and feature an Automatic Pressure Release Valve so they always open when you want them to.

This Peli Case is made for Analox for their ATA Trimix Analyser and accessories but because of the Pick N Pluck Foam Insert you can use it for whatever you want to keep safe. The PeliCase is made to protect sensitive equipment like your ATA Analyser from water and physical damage.

The hardshell case and foam inserts protect the contents from damage and the airtight seal protects it from water damage. If you’re travelling with the case on airlines, the Peli Case has an Automatic Pressure Release Valve that equalises the pressure inside the case so it won’t seal itself closed from the pressure change.


Automatic Pressure Purge Valve

Foam Insert


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