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Apeks || 60m Ascend Reel

Apeks || 60m Ascend Reel

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A reel like no other, the Apeks Lifeline Ascend takes the humble SMB reel to the next level of quality and functionality. Designed and built in the UK, the Lifeline Ascend exemplifies what Apeks has become renowned for, giving the diver the finest equipment to take on their next adventure. Designed to make deploying your delayed surface marker buoy a breeze, the 60 metre Apeks Lifeline Ascend is the finest reel on the market. It doesn’t just look good, it plays good. Designed to be used both left and right-handed, the Lifeline Ascend is simple and smooth to operate, even if you’re wearing thick gloves. From the easy grip rubber handle to the secure stainless-steel attachment points, the Lifeline Ascend sets a new standard in dive reels.

Integrated SMB attachment point allows for easy storage and deployment of the Apeks SMB. High grip rubber handle makes the reel easy to hold with or without gloves. User changeable configuration allows the reel to be easily switched from left or right handed configurations depending on your preference. 60 metres of high tensile strength and high visibility line is both extremely strong and visible in low light conditions. The stainless steel attachment point allows for secure attachment of the reel to a D-ring, BCD or pocket.

Forged and anodised aluminium handle components.

High grip rubber handle.

60 metres.

Integrated SMB attachment system.

Stainless steel attachment point.

User changeable from left to right hand configurations.

Supplied in plastic free packaging.

Designed and manufactured in the UK.


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