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Apeks || Lifeline Ascend Spools

Apeks || Lifeline Ascend Spools

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The Apeks LifeLine Spools are made to be the best spool for any scuba diver. Each part of the LifeLine Spools has been designed to be better than any other spool on the market. Textured Rims give you control. Flared sides make paying out and winding line easier. Larger holes around the spool and in the centre make using the LifeLine with thick gloves easier also.

The colour-coded aluminium body is light and strong so, you never have to worry about picking up the wrong one or it breaking in your kit bag. The flared sides give you more space to wind line back on and the spools are purposely not over-spun which gives you plenty of space to thread the leader and clip boltsnaps.

The main section of the line is a bright orange tape, which is easy to see in both blue and green waters and easier to fix any tangles. The leader is attached by a swivel and is made from a stronger yellow line with an easy-grab tab.

The LifeLine Spool Range is made to be the best, feature-packed, spool available for scuba divers. If you're sending up dSMBs for your safety stop or laying jump lines, the LifeLine Spool Range is made to be the ultimate spool.

The Smallest 15m Purple Spool is great for shallower dives, sending up a dSMB for your 5m Safety Stop. Larger 30m, 45m and 60m Spools let you pick and choose exactly which is best for your dive.


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