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Apeks || MTXR Sidemount Set

Apeks || MTXR Sidemount Set

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The MTX-R sidemount set is a super tough, rugged, high performance, go anywhere sidemount regulator configuration designed to meet the rigours of cold water and extreme sidemount diving. The MTX-R is highly reliable and also very easy to service out in the field which make it an ideal choice for the expedition and exploration diver.

The MTX-R has excellent cold water performance and has a greatly reduced risk of free flow. This has been achieved by improving several areas, including an innovative endcap and environmental diaphragm, a forged 1st stage body offering maximum thermal preference, a ribbed diaphragm clamp and a redesigned & enlarged heat exchanger on the 2nd stage with metal incorporated into the front cover design.

What's in the box?

1x DPT DIN 1st stages with 5 port swivel turrets.

2x MTX-R second stages.

210cm double swivel hose.

61cm double swivel hose

2x 25cm length MP inflation hoses (one for buoyancy system, one for drysuit)

2x TEK pressure gauges with 18cm hoses

1x. 90° elbow fitting

1x. bungee necklace

1x bungee clip

1x stainless steel bolt snap

2x sets of short exhaust ports

Regulator bag

Setup illustration, CD manual and quick start guide


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