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Apeks || XTX200

Apeks || XTX200

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Packed full of the features the XTX200 second stage from Apeks delivers gas with a smooth and satisfying operation.

The orientation of the hose can be configured from the factory standard right hand side to the left hand side by an Apeks technician if so desired. This allows for neater hose routing options in some cases increasing streaMLining and diver comfort.

Cracking pressure and venturi control can both be adjusted by the diver at any point during the dive depending on the dive conditions. Cracking pressure is controlled using a large, tactile metal knob fitted to the side of the second stage and the venturi system is controlled with a comfortable lever.

The second stage can also be adjusted further by an Apeks technician using an internal micro adjuster to dial the cracking pressure to a precise level, coupled with a balanced valve design the XTX200 is the ultimate in comfort and gas delivery.

The exhaust tees can be changed by the diver, using a smaller tee makes the second stage more compact whereas using a larger tee more effectively disperses exhalation bubbles.

The XTX200 second stage is ready for use in cold water with metal inserted into the front cover and metal components in strategic positions to reduce the chance of free flow.


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