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Recreational Boat Dives

Recreational Boat Dives

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Who is this boat for?

DNQY's recreational boat trips ar designed to be easy, fun and enjoyable, perfect for any diver looking to collect some bottom time!

If you are relatively new at starting your underwater discovery or extremely qualified, DNQY provides excellent facilities and dive sites across all of Cornwall!

Boat prerequisites

These recreational boat trips are deigned for divers who have up to Advanced Diver (or equivalent) certification, or 30m maximum depth rating. 

Minimum age rating is 10 with parental consent.

For all DNQY boat dives, an SMB is essential.

For any premixed Nitrox fills, proof of certification is required upon collection from DNQY.

What you can expect

Meet at DNQY, no later than 1 hour before ropes off.

Transport to Saxon Mist's mooring located ~5 min drive.

Load equipment onboard Saxon Mist.

Boat, safety & dive brief.

Quick beverage, teas, coffees & hot chocolate provided onboard.

Ropes off!

Dive 1 - 60 mins, 30m (maximum).

Lunch - 60 mins (minimum).

Dive 2 - 60 mins, 30m (maximum).

Return to DNQY.

Single boat dives will be paired with other single dives to make bookings easier. Same rules apply to double boat dives.

Travel times vary depending on dive site and weather conditions.

Depths also very on sites due to our high tidal range in Newquay.

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