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SANTI || Flex 190 Undersuit

SANTI || Flex 190 Undersuit

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Flex190 is a great underwear for those who think that the most important feature is a great ability to move under the drysuit, without any limits and also the highest quality, interesting design. Perfect in dives in waters from 7 to 14°C. 

With the revolutionary, patented insulation Flx190 SANTI offers the most innovative spring/summer diving undersuit ever. It is made from breathable fabrics to provide great flexibility. Modern technology allows four-way stretch of the undersuit.

The 180g/m2 Climashield Contur® consists of three layers – breathable insulation Climashield Contur®, covered with soft Polyester coating from the inside and outside. The top layer is also wind-resistant.


fabric composition with exceptional four-way, patented fibers makes the insulation very durable and long-lasting,weight 180 g/m˛, warmth: 0,96 CLO,AquaBan™ technology allows moisture transfer from the body – the undersuit stays dry,weight: 1,5 kg.



easy to wash and dry – washing provides even better thermal efficiency to the insulation,

five practical pockets (three in the front and two in the back),

two-way zip for P-valve,

heating cords hole in right pocket,

soft, cotton cuffs with tumb holes to prevent sleeves pull up,

wide elastic ankle bands prevent moving up the legs when setting up the drysuit,

reinforcing patches on knees and elbows made of Polyester,

great soft feeling next to the skin,

lightweight and durable,100% recyclable – this one of the kind insulation includes no Acrylic, which makes it recyclable,

practical implementation of the zip (from right arm to left leg),

innovative, modern design,

it can also be used for other sports


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