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SANTI || Heating Connector

SANTI || Heating Connector

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Underwater heating systems are revolutionising diving, enabling us to enjoy scuba diving in comfort for longer, even sometimes doubling the time spent underwater. This product will appeal to anybody looking to use SANTI heated undergarments to extend their dive time and enjoy diving in cold waters year-round.

We think this is, by far, one of the most advanced and reliable diving heating systems yet. SANTI designed their heated products with the philosophy that maintaining the right body temperature throughout the whole dive is far better than trying to warm up the already cooled body.

An essential part of the SANTI heated vest system, this drysuit inflation valve offers the capabilities of plugging your SANTI Heated Undersuit or SANTI Heated Vest into your external battery.

How does it work?

The design is simple and effective. A standard cable is routed through the valve. The line has a standard E/O connector on the outside to plug into the battery and a waterproof plug inside to connect to your suit. Simple!

Features:The maximum power supply is 12V.The length of the cables, including plugs, is about 55cm.


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