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Shore Dive

Shore Dive

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Who is this for?

DNQY's shore dives are designed to be easy, fun and enjoyable, perfect for anyone looking to explore the local marine flora and fauna!

If you are relatively new at starting your underwater discovery or extremely qualified, DNQY provides excellent facilities and dive sites across all of Cornwall!


Open Water certification (or equivalent) is required.

Minimum age is 16, 12 with parental consent.

What you can expect

The Cornish Coast is teaming with life, from the Nudibranch to Blue Sharks and everything in between! We have resident seals accessible by shore and they love to play!

If marine life isn't your main interest we even have caves which you can explore from the shore, what's not to love!

What's in it for you?

An amazing experience guided by one of our highly qualified staff who are all experts in marine biology and zoology, ask them a question, we dare you!

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