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Suunto || SK8 Compass

Suunto || SK8 Compass

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The Suunto SK8 Compass is extremely easy to use, offering a wide degree of tilt compensation, easy to grip bezel and a phosphorescent card.

Suunto SK8 Dive Compass, a favourite among divers at all levels including top educators and explorers. The Suunto SK8 is an improvement on the extremely popular SK7but now works more effectively in the Southern Hemisphere. Suunto Compasses are well known for their high level of tilt compensation, this means that the compass card will spin freely even when the unit is not held completely flat, helping you to navigate effectively in all diving conditions. A large bezel is easy to operate even with dry gloves and positively clicks every 5 degrees. The Suunto SK8 Compass has a phosphorescent card which can be charged with a diving light. Simply point your torch and the compass face for around 30 seconds and you will be able to navigate in confidence even in complete darkness.

Suunto SK8 Features:

Liquid filled

Easy to grip bezel with a ratchet at every 5th degree

Large side reading window

Balanced for use in the Northern Hemisphere

Quick stabilisation

Phosphorescent card

High tilt compensation


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