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XDeep || NX Zen

XDeep || NX Zen

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The XDEEP Zen Steel Standard BCD is a modern, tough backplate and wing setup for the modern diver. The steel backplate adds some trim weight and the standard harness lets you create a custom harness that can be adjusted to your shape, size and requirements. Part of the NX Range the Zen has been specifically designed to maximise your diving experience.

Steel Backplate adds strength and weight to your system so you can take a little off your weightbelt and have your centre of buoyancy close to your back and higher up. The unique X-Shaped backplate is more ergonomic than a standard backplate and more comfortable in and out of the water.

Standard Harness is all made from standard 2" webbing in a DIR-style but has extended the shoulder straps and heightened the waistband making it much easier to get in and out of. The V-Shaped harness is more comfortable between the legs and gives you two attachment points behind you.

Zen Wing has been shaped and built to hold you in the best position underwater and on the surface. The outer-shell protects the separate inner bladder from damage and is shaped to increase airflow in and out from the bladder so you can control your buoyancy better.


Stainless Steel Backplate

Standard 2" Harness

V-Shaped Crotch Strap

NX Series Wing


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