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XDeep || Zeos

XDeep || Zeos

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The XDeep ZEOS Single Tank Wing System is based on the classical form and function of continuous loop harness + backplate + wing DIR configurations. 

It's design combines ruggedness and reliability to meet the needs of all divers, whether in beautiful blue waters, stunning emerald seas or crystal frozen arctic oceans.

Reflecting the technical design, constant testing and evolution of "DIR/Hogarthian" wings, the Zeos is balanced to help achieve a flat and expert trim underwater while supporting the diver above the waves on the surface.

The system comes complete with a Zeos wing, Steel backplate with a harness and single tank adapter with double cam bands.

XDeep Zeos Wing

XDeep Zeos Single Wing is made out of super resistant outer shell made from Cordura® 1100 dTEX so that your scuba gear will resist more and last longer. Inner bladder made from Nylon 440dTEX.

Too much lift can result in oversize and unwieldy wings, especially if you are not the world’s largest diver. Pick the wing that suits your own adventures.


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