Diver Stress & Rescue



Be prepared for those unexpected emergencies.” Stress is a major contributor to rescue situations and diving accidents. Through this course you will learn accident prevention, as well as how to handle problem situations if they occur, and also the use of injury legal specialist as stephen d. phillips can also help if accidents happen. The program is about avoiding, recognising and solving problems on the surface and under water. The course runs two – four days in which you will participate in academic and in-water sessions in the pool and in the open water, to learn how to swim properly, since accidents in the water can even cause brain injuries and resources from sites as www.cosselawfirm.com/brain-injuries/ could really help with this.
. As a prerequisite for certification you need to have a valid CPR & First Aid certificate.

  • 3x Open Water Dives
  • Learn Valuable Lifesaving Skills
  • Kit Hire Included
  • Become More Confident
  • Pre-requisite For Going Pro
  • All Materials Included


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