Speciality Instructor



When you are certified as an SSI Open Water Instructor, you can also qualify for further SSI Speciality Instructor ratings. To teach additional SSI Specialities, you will need to qualify by attending a Speciality Instructor seminar. These Speciality programs include: Altitude Diving, Boat Diving, Cavern Diving, Computer Diving, Deep Diving, Digital Underwater Photography, Dry Suit Diving, Equipment Techniques, Ice Diver, Independent Diver, Navigation, Night/Limited Visibility Diving, Perfect Buoyancy, Science of Diving, Search and Recovery, Recreational Sidemount and many more.

  • 1x Hour Classroom
  • 2x Open Water Dives
  • Buy 4 Get One Free
  • Choose For All Specs
  • Materials Included
  • Work With Instructor Trainer


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