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Scuba Rangers is not just a diving course, it can also be a long term activity if they want to become part of a Scuba Rangers Club! During the club sessions they learn about our environment, get more diving experience and have a fun time together. They will try underwater photography or night diving with torches in the swimming pool, visit zoos and aquariums, go to the cinema or take part in other challenging activities.

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Call us now to book your place on 01637 876222 or use our contact form to submit your details.

Children must be a minimum of 8 years old. Scuba rangers sessions are scheduled within term times and each grade takes 6 weekly sessions to complete. The cost is just £10 per session. There are different levels that a Scuba Ranger can achieve and these will be recognised on our grading day from level 1 – 6. We supply a mask and snorkel for all Scuba Rangers free of charge but we do recommend that all participants purchase their own (we sell these ourselves at £24).


Safety is a top priority. Scuba Rangers programs can only be taught by specially trained instructors in a pool or under confined water conditions in a protected area.


The Scuba Ranger Instructors have not only been deemed excellent divers by our strict SSI standards, they also had specific training in teaching diving to children. During the Scuba Rangers sessions and club activities, safety will always come first. All Instructors are DBS cleared by Dive Newquay and first aid and O2 trained ensuring your child is in good, safe hands.


All of our SCUBA equipment is of the highest quality and maintained to very strict standards and is available for usage as part of the course fees. We also supply a range of mask, fins and snorkels but do recommend that all participants purchase their own HIGH quality set. This can be done through Dive Newquay as we have selected a cost effective high quality system that is easily maintained.


It was built to our very own specification and standards having our Rangers club in mind. It has a variable depth flooring system allowing depth allocation in respect of their abilities. The water is heated to 29 degrees Celsius, filtered every 2 hours and has salt in composition; therefore it is less aggressive on skin and equipment.


Each level that a Scuba Ranger achieves will be recognized on our grading day, from level 1 to 6. This is where the children will have the chance to demonstrate their mastery of a skill set and be rewarded with our Scuba Ranger level certificates.


Scuba Ranger sessions are scheduled within term times and each grade takes 6 weekly sessions to complete. The cost is just £10 per weekly session.


6 week programme commencing 12th September 2016 for only £60.00 per child” “Mask & Snorkel provided free of charge for the session and available to purchase for £24.

SSI’s Scuba Rangers program is the perfect way to introduce your child to the wonders of diving in a safe, fun, encouraging way. 

Call us now to book your place on 01637 876222 or use our contact form to submit your details.


The fun doesn’t stop here! So you child is amazing and has completed all 6 levels of grading and is 10 years old. The Ocean now waits with the onset of the Scuba Diver Course. Please enquire at the Dive Centre for more information.


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  1. Bass Van de Veerdonk

    Snorkelling with our girls was the best! They really made an effort, service was top notch. Thanks you guys!!!

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