Extended Range Nitrox



XR Nitrox is the first step in to decompression diving. Be it that you want to dive the great depths or just spend that little bit longer on the reef / wreck then this is the program for you. The XR Nitrox program is to be the friendly face of technical diving, it can be completed in a single tank rig for those looking to just extend their time at 40m or as a full doubles program for theses who wish to move on to more advanced forms of Technical diving. You will be qualified to dive to 40m with a single gas switch up to oxygen for accelerated decompression with up to 15 mins of decompression obligation. You will find the XR Nitrox is a demanding yet extremely rewarding program.

  • 2x Three Hours Classroom
  • 2x Two Hour Pool Session
  • 4x Openwater Dives
  • 40m Qualification
  • 15 Mins Accelerated Deco
  • Deco Gas Upto 100%


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