Extended Range



XR Extended Range – The next step.. As a XR Nitrox Diver you have already learned the fundamentals of limited decompression diving. Now you will gain the extra knowledge to give you a thorough understanding of how a full technical rig is selected, assembled, and used. The extra redundancy and freedom that a Technical Extended Range Total Dive System will give you will carry though all of your future technical dives and training programs. You will be qualified to dive to 45m with a single gas switch up to oxygen for accelerated decompression with up to 20 mins of decompression obligation. The XR Extended range program is designed as a sister program for XR Limited Trimix for location where trimix is not available.

  • 1x Three Hour Classroom
  • 2x Two Hour Pool Sessions
  • 4x Open Water Dives
  • 45m Qualification
  • 20 Mins Deco
  • Deco Upto 100%


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