SSI Technical Extended Range



SSI Technical Extended Range – Diver performance on technical dives can often be enhanced by substituting helium for all or part of the nitrogen in the breathing gas mixture. Reducing the amount of nitrogen will lessen the effects of nitrogen narcosis. Divers can perform more complex tasks at depth, better respond to emergencies, and function more effectively in challenging environmental conditions. The TXR Normoxic Trimix program will prepare you to take on some seriously challenging dives. You will be qualified to dive to 60m using Trimix with a minimum o2 content of 18% with two gas switches up to oxygen for accelerated decompression with an unlimited amount of decompression obligation.

  • 1x Three Hour Classroom
  • 1x Two Hour Pool Session
  • 4x Open Water Dives
  • 60m Qualification
  • Unlimited Decompression
  • End 30m or 35m


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