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Dive the Azores with Dive Newquay

The Azores have been unveiled as one of the best destinations in the world to dive up close and personal with the Blue and Mako sharks in open water, making these dives a truly privileged experience. The chance to interact with these amazing species in blue water not confined to a cage is a truly exhilarating experience and one dive you will never forget. We also frequently encounter the short fin Mako on our shark diving adventure, which is a privilege sighting for any diver. To safely dive with sharks; knowledge, skills, discipline and extreme care are required to ensure you get the best experience from your Blue and Mako encounters. We give all divers attending our Adventure Shark Dive a full presentation on shark behavior and shark diving conduct to ensure the up-most safety.

Diving the Azores with Dive Newquay offers a full array of diving to suit all qualifications and experience levels. Our diving will take you around the majestic coast of Pico. Diving in Pico is possible all year round with water temperatures ranging from 17 degrees C in the winter to 24 degrees C in the summer months and visibility generally varying between 15 to 30 metres. Underwater, the seabed drops away from the coastline in a series of slopes and steps, giving divers’ easy access to the walls, caves and swim through which make up Picos underwater topography. There is abundant marine life to be found; from the small crab, octopus, slipper and spinney lobsters to the larger rays and barracudas. From June we can visit the Manta Rays out on Princess Alice and our Blue and Mako shark diving takes place from August to October out on the banks.

Prices For Bed and Breakfast on a 10 day itinerary and 16 dive package including 1 Shark Dives 1 manta Dives, guide, tanks, weights, local airport transfers (not Uk)
Flights NOT included

Flights NOT included


Residential Montanha

A well presented bed and breakfast in the heart of Sao Roque and the perfect base for the diving centre. The residential is good for couples to large groups. All rooms have en suites and a buffet breakfast is included for your stay.

Princess Alice Bank (Manta Dive)

Princess Alice Bank is a dive in the Azores you have probably heard of and may be the reason of your visit. Princess Alice is a dive site 96km off-shore and is a very weather dependent, with this reason, refund is 100% if payment has been invoiced

Banco Condor (Shark Diving)

Banco Condor is West of Faial our neighbouring island and is a bank which stretches from 20Km to 40kM off-shore. Minimum qualification is PADI Advanced Diver or equivalent, each diver must demonstrate good buoyancy skills prior to the dive commencing, divers are to wear gloves which are provided. There is a minimum of 6 divers on the boat at any one time. All our Dive guides are minimum DIVEMASTERS and it is at their decision to call a dive off or terminate if conditions impede upon safety.


Can currently be booked through Ryan Air from London Stansted to Ponta Delgarda


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